The Basics of Brochure Design – Revisited

full color brochure printing

The key to having a successful brochure printing campaign is to make it simple and as always, stick to the basics. Here again are the basic ideas you need to know to help you create a more compelling brochure printing project that would make your target readers want to call you.

1 – Know what’s out there. In order for you to come up with great and effective brochure printing designs, you need to go out and collect samples from around you. Study the brochures you’ve collected. Pick the ones that for a long time have captured your imagination, as well as those in your community. Identify what makes these print brochures stand out.

2 – Who are your target readers? Choose a target group that would help you focus your brochure printing project. Who are your target readers? How do you want to reach them? How do you want your brochure printing project to convey your message to them? Do you want your brochure printing voice to be professional or casual? Do you want something with humor?

However you want your brochure printing company to speak to your target readers, always make sure that you keep everything simple to avoid your message being buried from the rest of your elements.

3 – Keep it simple. The old adage still holds true – less is more. List all you want to include in your brochure printing project. Then arrange them in order of importance and erase those that are unnecessary.

With your elements, always keep your message in mind and do away with those elements that are not important to avoid messing up your brochure printing design. Always ask yourself whether what you put in emphasizes your brochure printing message or they just make your target readers more confused.

4 – Use negative space. Organize and provide unity in your brochure printing elements by using negative space between your contents and your brochure printing page. Adjust your space to highlight specific information or details. Your negative space can further emphasize your message.

5 – Use color. Color can be applied either as ink or the shade of your paper stock itself.

6 – Choose your paper carefully. It’s not always the design that would make your brochure printing piece effective. Generally, the choice of paper stock can also add to the attractiveness of your brochure printing project. Ask your brochure printer for options. They usually have a ready supply of paper stock from which you could choose from.

7 – PROOFREAD! Nothing could irritate your target readers more than a brochure printing copy that has errors and is grammatically incorrect. It makes you look unprofessional and at the same time, makes your target readers wonder whether you read your own brochure printing pieces.

Full Color Printing: 5 Reasons to Create a Love Affair With Colors

full color brochure printing

Many wonderful images can be found on the world wide web. It is a virtual showroom that exhibits the works by various graphic artists, designers, photographers and other digital artists. As a result, people develop a taste for good images, first-rate layouts and graphic arts in general. And there is no better way to enjoy and preserve its artistry than through full color printing.

Full color printing is the key that preserves exquisite objects of beauty on the two dimensional paper. It captures moments and memories to long lasting keepsakes that we can treasure.

Full color printing does this by recreating vivid images that are brilliant and color-accurate. At the same time, it provides business with the perfect tool to arrest the customers’ attention. It does so by attracting audiences with all sorts of print materials, among these are: flyers, posters, brochures, postcards, catalogs, and business cards, all with brilliant results.

Learn more and know what full color printing can do for you and your business.

Capture attention

Make your posters a head turner. Increase the readership of your print materials using full color printing. Full color prints are known to be noticed and read by consumers more than ordinary prints.

Colors, even by themselves, can work as the main design of your catalog covers or booklets. With more colors, you simply cannot go wrong. You’ll be able to create quite a stir and entice your audience to pay attention.

Improve factual consistency

Imagine the anatomy of the human body in only one to two colors. What of the tropical birds and the majesty of their colorful feathers as another example?

Without full color printing, it would be hard to appreciate the distinct features of certain objects, landscapes, animals, plants and even the human body. Color makes it possible for us do justice to such prints and help readers identify which is which better.

Other than this, colors help people better distinguish and even classify one item from another, like we do with maps and naming the right kind of birds by virtue of their colorful plumage. In short, full color printing makes it possible to capture objects more realistically. It also proves to be more useful in classifying and organizing things.

Provide richer details

Full color printing encapsulates your photos’ shades and highlights the way you remember them. Through this, your images will have more depth. The details too of your designs will be emphasized more.

Remember, the more colors you show, the more pronounced the contrast will be. Hence, it will render the image’s details sharper, clearer. Overall, the composition of your image will be retained, if not, come out better.

Re-create life and more

Your images will look realistic and appear authentic using more colors. Full color printing helps you to reproduce your surroundings in print. Photographs of people and nature incorporated in print documents would retain its charm and magnificence if depicted in color. Life as you see it is in color, so why should it be different in print?

Brighten your work

Use full color printing if your project has images shot with lighting effects. Otherwise, the images would appear dull and would lack luster and drama.

Full color printing isn’t just a whimsical option. Full color printing ably provides you with various advantages that your prints can greatly benefit from.

If you want to be heard or seen better, then full color printing is your choice. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing print, then full color printing is your choice. And if you want prints that are rich and has life-like quality, then full color printing is your choice.

Whether you are a business person in need of good promotional print items or an individual seeking to print out your best-yet design through prints materials, full color printing is the printing process for you.

Check with your printing company and inquire about their full color printing services, products and equipment. Try online where you might just find the best deals and the best options for full color printing. Experience prints dipped in luxurious colors, experience a love affair with full color printing.

Sticker Printing Ideas: Accomplishing Logo Designs

full color brochure printing

Sticker printing is one of the many services offered by printing companies. Stickers are and have been an invaluable print product that have helped shaped, literally and figuratively, your work and other necessities.

The Uses of Stickers

There are numerous areas where stickers are used in today’s world.

• Labels or stickers are helpful and handy tools that can make tagging items easier. You can make your products more pronounced with stickers for your branding.

• And even with the littlest events can make use of stickers as name tags.

• Most of the time, we find the use for stickers as return addresses that can make it easier to send out items or documents.

• For promotional materials, stickers are also very useful in holding up the company logo, brand, and other symbols for marketing products & services.

• It also effectively makes cause-oriented campaigns and their ideas more popular.

Stickers and Logos

It is safe to that stickers are truly indispensable as they make identification better. You can promote your brand effectively, your reader can site who the letter is from with your return address and you can easily know what cause this or that person is upholding all by the virtue of a sticker.

To this, as you have observed other stickers before, logos are as crucial as any other element that goes into sticker printing.

Logos, as said by some, are effective if they are: original, descriptive, easily recognizable, uncluttered or simple, able to communicate values, and are visually tantalizing or it has high impact.

With all these definitions on what a good sticker can do, just how do you suppose you can achieve this?

Logo Design Tips

While they say that sticker printing is no rocket science, sticker design or logo design is another different challenge. And although some say it’s just stickers, remember that stickers, along with any other printed material, can reflect back on you.

These logo design tips can help you come up with new design ideas and motivate you to play with your imagination. After all, logos are highly graphic material that can be rendered anywhere from fancy to informal.

1. Carefully study your company or brand identity and the idea you would want to communicate.

2. Once you’ve done the first one, see just which colors would communicate an image you would want to showcase to the world.

3. Logo designs do not always have to have an image or an item in its design. Some of the most recognizable brands consists of just plain letters or even numbers.

4. If you are playing on the idea of including or making an image for your logo, make sure that it is once again appropriate. The kinds of colors and graphics used in the NBA are nowhere near appropriate for a highly formal corporation. At most it can be absurd.

5. Study your contemporaries and assess just what would make your logo stand out from them. Research is always a part of a good logo design.

6. Logos, most of the time, go for that simple, clean look by using geometric shapes or a combination of it.

7. While there are companies who use a variety of colors for their logo, it helps if you limit your logo colors to a minimum. This way, the color combination you choose is readily identifiable.

These sticker printing and logo design ideas can duly help you churn out memorable, high-impact logos for your company, brands and out source for articles to help you with your brochure printing. At the same time, you can find just how a printing company can truly be your partner before, during and even after printing.

Brochure Printing Services and What it Can Do for Your Business

full color brochure printing

Brochures are virtually the brand ambassadors of your business. Right from depicting what your business stands for, to sending out the correct brand attributes there is a lot a brochure can do for your business. If you want to accelerate sales statistics and stay ahead of the competition then it is time you took advantage of brochure printing services.

A touch of sophistication via brochure printing services

Instead of sending out emails that might most likely go out as spam in your recipient’s inbox, it is time you took a classier route! You can add more professionalism and sophistication with the help of high quality brochure printing services. You can employ the usage of good quality graphic designers as well as printing staff in order to create a stunning set of brochures. This will not only place your business in a good light but will also enable you to stand apart from the crowd.

Brochure printing services can create a winning impression!

With high quality and stunning brochure printing services you can really create a positive impression on a customer. Right from the correct usage of colors (in accordance with your brand identity and attributes) to the unique designs that you use in the brochure, all of these aspects can certainly help customers in recognizing your brand better. On the whole, brochures are a fantastic way to ensure brand recall in customers.

Quick turnarounds with quality brochure printing services

The great thing about high quality brochure printing services providers is that they never compromise on deadlines. They know your business is important to you and that product launches are crucial. Hence, they take extra care in ensuring that your brochures are delivered in time to be in sync with product launches. That way as soon as your product is released to the market, you also have a ready set of brochures and literature to send to customers!

Convenient online searches for Brochure printing services

With the advent of the Internet today, you can easily obtain very high quality brochure printing services without any effort at all! All you need to do is to perform a search in one of the many popular search engines in order to arrive at a list of providers. You can even check out their ratings and reviews online to see if they are reputed sites or not. Then once you have decided on any service provider, you can commence the work. You will be happy to note that all correspondence is via email and chat. That means it saves you the hassle of searching for a local shop for printing.

Holistic marketing campaigns with brochure printing services

You can actually create an entire marketing campaign that centers around your brochures. When you leverage high quality brochure printing services, it is only natural that everything from web copy and design to emails are centered on the theme of the brochures. This helps your organization create a marketing campaign which is truly harmonious and is in accordance with brand attributes.

Offset Printing, Quality, and Quantity: Why it is Important for You

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If you want to know which the most preferred and most used printing service today, I can tell you that it’s offset printing that tops the charts easily. You can opt to go with what most people choose, but it is also important to know the reasons behind this popularity.

You hear offset a lot in printing services. But do know why your printing company says that it is the best option for you and your business? Well, if not, here is the relevant information that you need to know and understand about offset.

Given that there are a lot of printing services available in the market today; you need to choose the one that will give you the most advantage. What your prints need is quality and quantity.

Quantity Matters

• Offset printing saves you a lot of money. This is the most obvious reason why offset is preferred by printers and clients alike. Though the equipment used in offset is expensive and bulky, it produces the cheapest prints that you can find in the market.

• This is because most business advertising needs must come in bulk. It will actually be impractical for you to print just twenty postcards, brochures, flyers, letterheads and stuff. We all know that the more you print, the cheaper it gets. And we all want that word: cheaper.

• Of course you would not want a printing service that would not be cheaper as you go wholesale. As offset uses plates in printing that it easy to produce, you get to save a lot. The plates also have longer life, since it does not come in direct contact with your paper so it will not easily wear out.

• Another thing that adds to its practicality is the fact that no other printing service can compare to the volume that offset can produce. It is made for bulk prints that are not costly, which is exactly what you need.

Quality Prints for You

• You may think that offset is cheap because it compromises quality. But contrary to that common misconception, offset produces the best quality prints that you can find.

• It produces vivid prints. Unlike digital or inkjet printing, it is consistent in producing quality images. In this way, you are assured that all your prints have the same quality. No prints are slightly lighter or faded than the others.

• Offset is cheap in cost because of its efficiency in printing, not because it is not able to produce quality prints.

• Especially in advertising purposes, quality is very important. If you do are not able to use quality postcards, brochures, flyers, or posters, you give a wring impression to your clients. As a result, you might gain a bad reputation instead; which is the exact opposite of the goal of advertising.

With quantity and quality complementing each other, with a careful consideration of your budget, Offset Printing is the best option for your bulk printing needs. You are assured that you get the prints that pas the standards of every industry. Offset has actually done wonders in the printing world, and with modern technology, it is now available for you.

Color Your Way to Success

full color brochure printing

Building a successful business is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of planning, re-planning, and a whole lot of hard work to get it off the ground. Then, once you think your business is going to survive, you still have to build it up some more and expand it.

In every step along the way, advertising is essential. You need to tell prospective customers about your business. You want them to remember you when they need your product or service. The most popular, and often most effective, way of doing these things is by producing color ads and brochures.

Now, it is not enough to throw together a colorful ad and call it good. What colors you use is vitally important. Your goal is to create an attractive ad, yes, but you are also building a brand identity. You are creating something that you hope will be associated with your business for years to come. When someone sees anything that resembles your ad, you want them to think of your business.

How important is color? A member of the Seoul International Color Expo in 2004 conducted a study about this topic. The study concluded that 92.6% of customers make product purchases based mostly on the visual attractiveness of the object, rather than the feel, sound, or smell of it. That is a whopping figure. More than 9 out of 10 customers will choose to buy your product – or not buy it – based on what they see associated with your business.

So when you are designing your ad, keep this is mind. Choose colors that you want associated with your company. Remember your overall theme as you are designing. Go with colors that fit with the type of business you own. If you have a professional, service type business, go with cooler colors. If your service or product has more of a relaxed feel, choose warm colors.

Perhaps most importantly, have your ads or brochures printed by a professional. Get quality, color printing done by a commercial printing company. Do not try to do it on your own to save a few bucks. It is not worth it.

Do not underestimate the importance of color in your advertising. If you plan your ads right, they can provide a brand identity that will bring new customers to your place of business on a regular basis. When it comes to color ads, a little bit can go a long way.

Inspiring Travel Brochures Ideas and Tips on a Brochure Printing Company

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Brochure hand-outs for your travel packages and tours can be quite a handful to make with the high peak of the season. Designing and printing one may seem too much of a task for one person, but this is highly refutable. Anyone can easily whip up a brochure through the services of a brochure printing company.

Besides, designing a brochure can truly be a breeze. You just have to learn to organize and learn how to package an idea properly. And with a bit of research, you can create a wholly, original concept to promote your travel business, products, and services.

You can inspire your clients to get ready for the summer with these various themes, design details and ideas. Apply your own creative streak and personalize each brochure according to your promotions, brand or corporate image too. Specify whatever you need in your brochures and to your brochure printing company.

Sizzling Summer Brochure Design Ideas

1. Bright Colors

Nothing spells the warmth of summer than the colors you choose for your brochure. Reds, oranges, and yellows are a must color palette for your brochures. The festive and energetic display of colors not only reflects sunsets and beaches, but fiestas as well. Use it to accentuate both beach destinations and exotic locales.

Green, blue and white are another set of cooling colors. It draws out a more serene and relaxing feel to your images. Create an image of peace and sanctuary through these colors that can adequately emphasize ski slopes with the pine trees, white snow, and blue skies. At the same time, these colors can reflect cooling water holes or lakes, surrounded by blue skies and white, puffy clouds.

2. Fruits, Flower and Plants

One look at colorful board shorts and you know it is summer time. Reflect this kind of appearance on your brochures and create a colorful theme to your brochures. This makes it a concept you can use for enticing people towards the beach.

Tropical flowers and design would include hibiscus, orchids, and leis. Plants would range from coconut trees or palm trees to fruits such as pineapples.

3. Sun

The sun is always a strong and symbolical image that you can use. Owing to its popularity, you can even choose from a range of styles. There are simple yellows dots, yellow swirl patterns, and more intricate ones that are defined by numerous, fine lines.

You can even paint the sun in different scenarios such as the sun setting in the horizon, the bright and golden rays of the sun reflecting on the water and more.

4. Summer Activities

Nothing is perhaps more convincing than images of people doing fun-filled, summer activities. Be these on land or on the water, your brochures would help capture the message and concept you want to send out.

Adventurous paragliding, water skiing, jetskiing, banana boatrides, and sailing. Popular sports too such as kayaking and surfing. Even the simplest objects such as a surf board is subtle enough

5. Food

It’s not summer until the best tasting dishes and beverages are served. Cocktail drinks, lemonades, outdoor barbeques, bonfires and marshmallows all create a nostalgic feel which you can invest and use as a theme for your brochures.

Apply these ideas for your brochures and entice people to go out in the sun and have fun. And make sure that all your colorful designs are interpreted and translated well by your brochure printing company for truly engaging postcard prints.

Brochure Printing Services and Time-tested Advertising Ideas

full color brochure printing

Brochures have a certain credibility unlike other prints. This is most probable due to the nature they are made since most brochures are designed to be informative with factual data and figures. Through brochure printing services, you and your business can have the ability to make clients more informed of your products and services.

Increase your client’s or target market’s awareness of what your products are all about. Give them the power to know just what goes in your product and the many ways it can benefit them.

Through brochure printing services, you can have that marketing edge that will connect you to your clients. Brochure printing services are the media you can use to affordably and effectively promote your products.

Win your clients’ interest and win their trust through brochures.

Brochures allow you to put in vital information that clarifies ideas on what you are truly offering them. Be credible and convincing in your brochures by citing the benefits your clients can enjoy, the solutions your product or service can provide, and the many ways they can take advantage of it.

Effective brochure advertising, nevertheless, starts from quality brochures. Brochure printing services is your channel for creating high-quality brochure that will effectively tap your clients’ interests.

Full color brochures, made with premium grade paper, help make a good impression which can entice more clients to pick one of your brochures and read them. This also further nurtures your clients’ image of who you are and what your company is all about.

As you may well know, clients are a picky lot. They know quality material when they see it. Thus, it is best to start on the right foot by working with a printer who has excellent brochure printing services.

Reflect nothing but quality, starting with your brochures. Make quality brochures that will communicate a good image of who you are and it’ll surely lead you to the right track.

Speaking of which, use these time-tested strategies to make effective brochures. Sell your products, services and ideas better.

Brochure Advertising Strategies

Brochures graphic design and content are the most important elements of your brochures. Make sure to implement these ideas so you can have a thoroughly effective brochure.

1. Excitement

Create an air of excitement in your brochures. Wow them with a great headline that will challenge their interest. More likely than not, they will read your brochures start to finish.

2. Use excellent photos

Images or photos are important in your brochure as it helps the readers literally see just what you mean. Images help your clients gather a more solid feel for the idea you are giving them.

Images too make your brands more memorable. Familiarizing your clients about your brand will effectively help them identify your products better.

3. Value

Be it through text or images, you can emphasize certain values your clients can identify with. At the same time, these values should be brought on or possible with use or purchase of your products and services.

These can help shape your brochures and how your clients can absorb all the information better. Such values may be drawn on a sense of patriotism, family togetherness and the like.

4. Tone

You can approach your brochure in a particular style, by taking on the role of an expert or a friend with a neighborly advice. Setting the tone for a particular audience can make them more receptive to your ideas.

5. Colors

Colors help your brochures stand out from the dull background. Make it more visible and attractive by using bright, vivid and solid colors that will elicit a positive response from your clients.

Professional printers are more than equipped with brochure printing services to help you out in your advertising needs. They can make your brochure truly vivid with 4 color printing and cheap too with offset printing. You can also send out your brochures more effectively through mailing services, so you can print and send them out conveniently.

Avail of the various brochure printing services offered by the most able printing companies in the market and advertise like you’ve never done before.

Custom Brochure Printing: How Designs Can Communicate Better

full color brochure printing

Custom brochure printing allows you to freely explore the various ways you can design and shape your brochures according to your desire.

Custom Brochure Designs and Communication

• Designing brochures can have different motivations. You should identify yours and how it will serve your purpose and objectives. Doing this helps you prioritize what should come in to your brochure design and what features or aspect it must duly exaggerate or emphasize.

• To illustrate this, an eye-catching brochure which aims to gain attention can be done through a colorful display of your print’s design. The color combination and the intensity of colors greatly help in gathering the attention you need.

• An emphasis on the copy, which can be witty or highly appropriate for your product and audience can very well say that you are selective and you would opt to attract a niche or perhaps the type of clients you truly need right now.

• As you can see, shaping your brochures is very critical, especially in marketing or promoting your brands, or products and services. By the design alone, readers or clients can very well understand messages that are conveyed beyond the fine print.

• Brochure designs communicate a whole lot of messages which can be perceived differently. Again, custom designs can be made to attract clients, generate higher or better impact, can be made to launch a more positive response and the like.

Just how can you wield your brochure printing better? There are many options you can consider for your custom brochure printing. A combination can also bring out mixed messages which can be positive or just confusing.

Anyways, while some brochure design options are not drastically life-changing or let us say highly critical, knowing just what your options are can help you measure just how creative, experimental and the like you can be.

You can effectively gauge how your design can help you attract and communicate better. Use design too to enhance the message you want to send out and achieve your goals better.

Custom Brochure Options

Customizing your brochures involves a lot of creativity. Custom printing can be done by using your own original design which can be enough for brochure printing companies only run the prints you want.

Custom brochure printing, at the same time, is custom printing for your designs may involve special jobs. Special jobs are printing techniques or processes not commonly offered on printing sites as the price range differs in the complexity of the job.

Nevertheless, here are some information and ideas that would help you out in brochure printing:

1. Brochures are commonly printed on high-quality paper which can be 100lb. Gloss Text, 100lb. Gloss Cover and 100lb. Matte Text. You can use other paper if you want.

2. Brochures, most of the time, are folded into bi-fold or half-fold, tri-fold and Z-fold. Hence, if you want a folded brochure, make sure that the thickness of the paper you chose is ideal for folding.

A paper stock that is too thin may prove difficult and tricky to run under the machines for folding, as it may wrinkle, ruining the entire brochure.

3. Other than the three standard folding options, there are others too such as gate fold, 4 panel double fold, half and half fold, accordion fold (although similar to Z-fold, these are applied to 11×17 brochures), and map fold among so many others.

4. Die-cut your brochures to create distinct features on it. Be as creative as you want and shape them anyway you want.

These are just some ways you can freely indulge in your brochure printing to meet your demands and priorities. Contact your brochure printing company of choice and know that you can be as inventive and adventurous as you want with your brochures.

Bindings for Printed Products

full color brochure printing

How many different ways can you bind printed products? There are numerous ways you can bind manuals, books, calendars, guides, directories, catalogs, full color brochures and all other printed products. Here are a few very basic guidelines:
Looseleaf-Printed sheets are loose and have holes drilled in them to put in a binder.
Tape Binding-Usually done on demand copy type where it is actually done in line and comes out of the machine finished. This simulates perfect binding but has no grind on the spine and the tape shows.
Side Stistching-Staples go through the front of the paper to the back but are stapled on the side of the sheet.
Saddle Stitching-The pages are stitched by staples through the spine of the book. The pages have to be done in 4 pg increments and there is a limitation to how many pages can be stitched.
Perfect Binding-This is what you usually buy in a book store when you get a soft cover book. It gives you a square spine and the paper is actually ground on the spine and then glued to the cover. This can now be done both conventional and on demand. There are many cousins of perfect binding(layflat,PUR,OTA,smythe sewn, etc.)
Wiro Binding-A wire of loops is inserted through punched holes in the paper in loops. This binding will lay flat.
Spiral Binding-Metal as above but in circles going through punched holes.
Plasticoil Binding-Plastic loops are put through the punched holes.
Case Binding-These are hard bound books like bought in a book staore. These can be smythe sewn, side sewn or adhesive bound.
These are the basic bindings that most printed products will be bound by.